Restaurant Antwerp Huis de Colvenier

When dining becomes an experience…….

Upon entering this world-class restaurant in the heart of Antwerp you will experience the different way of dining that is enjoyed here. Next to a delicious dinner I will guarantee you a unique experience.

  • patrician house in the heart of Antwerp
  • open kitchenn
  • majestic wine cellars from 1897 for your aperitif
  • exquisite dishes of superior quality
  • 20 years of knowledge and experience

Did you ever see a top restaurant from behind the scenes?

The original mansion, the works of art and hospitality confirm the status of this restaurant. You may have visited many restaurants. But did you ever see a top restaurant also from behind the scenes? Patrick Van Herck, the chef cook, will personally greet you here and even lets you see his open kitchen.

In the press about Huis De Colvenier...

" It is impossible to catch Patrick Van Herck from making a mistake. This house remains a must for the gastronomy. "
Henry lemaire

" De Colvenier is one of the ancients of the Antwerp horeca. This is truly enjoying solid classics! "


" This restaurant is belonging to the best of the best of Antwerp. Constant and fine cuisine, superb service and beautiful setting. "

Restaurant with Grand cru of Belgian wine cellars

While wandering around in the 19th-century wine cellar through the network of underground passages and alcoves and enjoying your aperitif, you will have a chat with chef cook Patrick Van Herck and discuss with him the menu. Follow how your gourmet dinner is prepared in the open kitchen. Once your meal is ready you will be invited into one of the four unique venues. Lots of famous and lesser-known Flemish people have dined here.

I promise you a delightful experience

Since almost 25 years I am receiving guests in my restaurant. They appreciate my personal approach, the special setting and the surprising dishes.
Patrick van herck

Discover the restaurant...

Huis De Colvenier
Sint Antoniusstraat 8
2000 Antwerp

Opening hours
12:00-15:00 | 18:00 tot 22:00
closed on sun- and monday

+32(0)477 23 26 50